Pallet Scale (Stainless) R4 SS PP

Specially designed for weighing pallets, the R4 Access Pallet Scale range receptors are equipped with 4 shear beam load cells for optimum reliability and precision.

The R4 Access Pallet Scale receptors are available in two capacities, i.e. 600 and 1,500 kg…


Stainless Steel (R4 FS PP-S)

  • Stainless steel structure and load cells.
  • Protection IP 65.
  • Nickel steel load cells
  • Castor wheels


The R4 Access Pallet Scale receptors can be used with a large number of indicators in the PRECIA MOLEN range for controlled use up to 1,500 increments (Trade Use)* or for internal use up to 15,000 divisions (Non-Trade Use).

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